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Leasing Services: Securing Quality Tenants and Streamlining the Rental Process

At Paragon, our leasing services are designed to ensure a seamless and efficient rental process while prioritizing the selection of quality tenants for your property. From comprehensive tenant screenings to managing subsidy programs and facilitating pet policies, we handle every aspect of leasing with professionalism and expertise.

Factors Ensuring Tenant Quality

We understand that securing a good tenant is paramount to the success of your rental property. Our leasing efforts focus on factors such as property condition, competitive pricing, effective marketing, convenient showings, and thorough tenant screenings. By addressing these key elements, we attract a pool of interested applicants and select the best tenant for your property.

Leasing Process 

Our leasing process is designed to simplify the rental journey for both property owners and tenants. From professional photography and listing creation to tenant screenings and lease signings, we manage every step of the process with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, our lease guarantee ensures peace of mind for property owners in the event of tenant turnover.

Housing Agency Rent Subsidy Programs

We have extensive experience working with housing agency rent subsidy programs, including Section 8 vouchers. While these programs require additional administrative effort and coordination, they offer benefits such as stable rental income and a larger pool of prospective renters. Our team navigates the complexities of subsidy programs to ensure compliance and streamline the leasing process for property owners.

Security Deposits and Waiver Program

Our standard security deposit requirement helps protect property owners against damages or losses. Additionally, we offer a Security Deposit Waiver Program that allows tenants to forgo the security deposit in exchange for a small monthly fee. This program benefits both tenants and property owners by reducing upfront costs while providing financial protection.

Renter's Insurance

To mitigate risks and protect both tenants and property owners, we require all tenants to have renter's insurance. Our proactive approach includes verifying initial compliance and monitoring ongoing adherence to this requirement. We also offer a Resident Benefits Package that includes renter's insurance as an option, simplifying the process for tenants.

Pets and Service Animals

Allowing pets can increase tenant interest and reduce turnover, but it requires careful management. We assist property owners in implementing pet policies and collecting administrative pet fees. Additionally, we ensure compliance with Fair Housing Laws regarding service and support animals, providing reasonable accommodation for tenants with disabilities.

At Paragon, our leasing services are designed to streamline the rental process, minimize vacancies, and secure quality tenants for your property. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure a positive leasing experience for property owners and tenants alike.

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